/usr/ports Going Back to the Past2008年05月13日 22時32分52秒

The cause of downgrading problem is that /usr/ports went back to the past. I always keep some snapshots of /usr/ports with geom_uzip. The latest snapshot is mounted at startup via fstab. I recently started upgrading ports and the fstab entry existed for the snapshot. I forgot to unmount the snapshot before I run port-upgrading tools. That resulted ports+ to report wrong upgrades via "test" command.

Ports+ uses GNU make to generate upgrading rules with their dependency. Therefore, it keeps track of intermediate files via timestamps. If ports+ detect that the INDEX file is newer than ones of ports+, it processes it. Otherwise, ports+ intermediate files are up to date. This assumption is valid for active portsnap and csup/cvsup users. If for some reason, the INDEX file becomes older like my case, ports+ will not find it because the modification date is still older than ones of ports+.

It still seems 1.95 Release is more stable than 1.100 Release. I am suspecting some breakage in recursive-dependencies in 1.100 Release.