FreeBSD 8.3-RELEASE の予定表が提示された2012年02月07日 20時38分15秒

FreeBSD 8.3-RELEASE の予定表が提示された。現在時点の予定は以下の通り。
The summary of the target dates is:

Code Freeze:    Feb 15, 2012 
BETA1 builds:   Feb 17, 2012 
RC1 builds:     Mar  2, 2012 
RC2 builds:     Mar 16, 2012 
REL builds:     Mar 23, 2012 

そして、8.2-RELEASE のサポートが七月の末までサポート。そして、8.3-RELEASE が長期サポートの対象になる予定だそうだ。

The Security Officer has pushed back the estimated End of Life for 8.2-RELEASE to July 31, 2012. That will give three months between the release of 8.3-RELEASE and the EoL for 8.2-RELEASE. It is expected that 8.3-RELEASE will be an Extended Support release.