FreeBSD 14.0-RELEASE のスケジュールも出た2022年09月16日 11時20分51秒

FreeBSD 12.4-RELEASEFreeBSD 13.2-RELEASE に続いて FreeBSD 14.0-RELEASE の予定表も出た。

13.2-RELEASE が出てからなので、実質の開始は来年の四月から。リリース時期は一年後になっている。

Action Expected Actual Description

Initial release schedule announcement


19 August 2022

Release Engineers send announcement email to developers with a rough schedule.

Release schedule reminder

17 April 2023


Release Engineers send reminder announcement e-mail to developers with updated schedule.

Code slush begins / KBI freeze

25 April 2023


Release Engineers announce that all further commits to the main branch will not require explicit approval, however new features should be avoided. Additionally, there can be no changes to the KBI until main is branched to stable/14.

stable/14 branch

12 May 2023


stable/14 branch created; release engineering continues on this branch.

releng/14.0 branch

26 May 2023


releng/14.0 branch created; future release engineering proceeds on this branch. Commits to this branch require explicit approval from the Release Engineers.

BETA1 builds begin

26 May 2023


First beta test snapshot.

BETA2 builds begin

2 June 2023


Second beta test snapshot.

BETA3 builds begin*

9 June 2023


Third beta test snapshot.

RC1 builds begin

16 June 2023


First release candidate.

RC2 builds begin

23 June 2023


Second release candidate.

RC3 builds begin*

7 July 2023


Third release candidate.

RELEASE builds begin

14 July 2023


14.0-RELEASE builds begin.

RELEASE announcement

17 July 2023


14.0-RELEASE press release.

Turn over to the secteam



releng/14.0 branch is handed over to the FreeBSD Security Officer Team in one or two weeks after the announcement.




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