FreeBSD 12.1-RELEASE のスケジュール2019年09月06日 12時45分55秒

FreeBSD 11.1-RELEASE のスケジュールは FreeBSD 11.3-RELEASE のスケジュールと共に出されていた。後、一両日中には 12.1-RELEASE に向けて、releng12 への新しい機能は控えるように通達される。
Action Expected Actual Description
Initial release schedule announcement - 14 May 2019 Release Engineers send announcement email to developers with a rough schedule.
Release schedule reminder 2 August 2019 2 August 2019 Release Engineers send reminder announcement e-mail to developers with updated schedule.
Code slush begins 6 September 2019 6 September 2019 Release Engineers announce that all further commits to the stable/12 branch will not require explicit approval, however new features should be avoided.
releng/12.1 branch 20 September 2019 - Subversion branch created; future release engineering proceeds on this branch.
BETA1 builds begin 20 September 2019 - First beta test snapshot.
BETA2 builds begin 27 September 2019 - Second beta test snapshot.
BETA3 builds begin * 4 October 2019 - Third beta test snapshot.
RC1 builds begin 11 October 2019 - First release candidate.
RC2 builds begin 18 October 2019 - Second release candidate.
RC3 builds begin * 25 October 2019 - Third release candidate.
RELEASE builds begin 1 November 2019 - 12.1-RELEASE builds begin.
RELEASE announcement 4 November 2019 - 12.1-RELEASE press release.
Turn over to the secteam - - releng/12.1 branch is handed over to the FreeBSD Security Officer Team in one or two weeks after the announcement.

12 系で、二度目のリリースになるので、スケジュールは短め。12-STABLE をずっと追っていたが、特に問題が出た記憶も無いので、スムーズに運ぶと思われる。