Ports+: Bug on Package names2007年07月27日 12時37分17秒

Package name doesn't work well. There are some packages that ports supports multiple versions. They are built from different directories but have the same package name. For example, www/firefox and www/firefox-devel will create firefox package.

Because of this, if package name is specified as a target of gmake, it will try to install multiple versions. In this case, firefox and firefox-devel. Of course, they conflict each other. This target support will likely be removed on next version.

Once upon a time, directory names without categories such as firefox in case of www/firefox were available targets. However, there are some ports in different languages. For example, there are chinese/xpdf, japanese/xpdf, and korean/xpef for graphics/xpdf. This also resulted conflict between different versions. As a result, support was dropped.

Based on these ports+ will probably not support short package names as targets.