ZFS on FreeBSD2006年11月17日 12時49分45秒

ZFS patches for FreeBSD. が投稿された。FreeBSD 上で ZFS を使えるようにするパッチだそうだ。

The ZFS file system is MPSAFE (it operates without the Giant lock), but performance isn't quite there yet. Please do not report that it is slower than UFS, etc. I know it is. On the other hand you should report if there are some huge differences in performance between UFS and ZFS, for example if ZFS is few times slower in some workloads.
ZFS は MPSAFE だが、まだそんなに早くはない。UFS と比べて異常な遅さでない限り報告しないでくれ。

Under very heavy load (or maybe even under not that heavy load, but after a longer time) it may panic with "kmem_malloc(X): kmem_map too small: Y total allocated" message. The back-presure mechanism doesn't work well and SUN guys are helping me to figure out why. If you see such panic, please do not report it, just reboot your machine and continue (or not).
「"kmem_malloc(X): kmem_map too small: Y total allocated"」で panic は今調べている最中だから、報告しないでリブートしてね。

Please do report any other strange panics or situations (like various commands not working as they should, you see strange file system behaviour, etc.), _but_ before reporting any issue, verify that it wasn't already reported on freebsd-fs@FreeBSD.org mailing list.
他の問題は、freebsd-fs@FreeBSD.org に誰も報告していなければ投稿してね。

If you have any questions or comments, I'd prefer if you send them to the mailing list instead of me privately, as it's quite possible others would like to know too.




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