portupgrade 2.1.12006年06月05日 15時14分35秒

portupgrade に修正が入った。-O を使うのなら上げた方が良さそうだ。

- Update to 2.1.1
  o Fix -O that should force ignoring dependency errors,
    but really did not work [1]
  o Add PKG_BACKUP_DIR environment variable where specified
    a directory where will keep saved packages (-b).
    Default: PKG_PATH (PORTSDIR/packages/All) [2]
  o Add MAKE_ENV in pkgtools.conf that is like MAKE_ARGS but
    allows to set environment variables for ports [3]
  o Fix pkg_fetch(1) to guess a right source directory for
    download (All or Latest). It works in much more cases now [4]
    And make a notice for using of '@' in package name more clean.
  o *_rc_scripts internal procs don't recognize RC-scripts without .sh.
    It's wrong for 6.0+ [5]
  o Fix pkgdb -s [6]
  o Add firefox in a browser list in portcvsweb(1)
  o Revive NEWS file